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Friday, July 10, 2015

The 6 Most Common Pick Up Mistakes Beginners Make

I'm going to tell you the most common mistakes that beginners make when approaching and trying to pick up a girl/women

Fear of Rejection and First Impression

Before you can perform a successful pick up you need to make an effort to approach a woman, obviously. And with beginners, this usually goes dead wrong. If you happened to be afraid of rejection it's a lot harder to give a solid first impression that is the foundation of a succesfull pick up.

Don't be afraid of rejection, there's no reason, if you get rejected then just get over it and move on. It might sound hard, but that's part of the game. You take hits and you learn from those hits. You will build confidence, better body-language, stronger tone vocality and and over all better game on your next pick up.

But if you are afraid of rejection you're setting youself into a failure before you even walked into the battle!

Being Stressed and Nervous

This is a natural instinct and it happens for everybody even more experienced guys. You just need to learn to embrace this feeling, chill out, relax and try to make a fluent next move even if you are stressed. Sometimes this is easier said than done if the girl you are trying to pick up is extremely hot or you feel she's simply "out of your class". Females seem to have sixth sense that they use to detect even the tiniest insecurities men show out. Anyways, There's no real cure for getting over the nervousness than simply gaining more experience.

TIP: If you not trying to pick up girls then get your game on bro!

The Way You Talk

If you talk too much or too fast, ask too much questions, mumble or do something that makes hard to keep up with you then fix it.  Talk more slow, make sure you're loud enough and you articulate clearly enough.

How You Listen

..and if the girl is talking then don't stop her and say something stupid between, if you say then make sure it's something of value or maybe little bit witty or funny but don't start talking about yourself or repeat something you were just having  discussion! Learn to listen and to have a meaningful conversation if not, make sure you both at least have fun!

Being monotonous, predictable and boring

Jus't don't. Say, do or suggest something to spark her a little bit, make her laugh and smile, to pay attention on you. You'll see when a girl is getting bored. She propably keeps agreeing on what you say and is just not fully focused on what you are saying. If it happens then it's time to shift into a higher gear or do a full stop or even U turn! Just don't continue on the same path on a same speed or all you're going to get is a few speedbumbs that won't save your pick up.

Being overly nice

Nice guys always seem to have hard time. I'ts not because girls prefer jerks but because nice guys seem to agree with most of the things and bring just a little bit of a fraction into the conversation. If you don't want to end up in the friend zone, then, simply stop being the "overly nice guy". I don't recommend being a jerk but it might increase your chances hooking with girls so give it a shot next time but always have certain standards, be smart and don't act like a pig.
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